Cannabis Company marketing & branding 101.

Though a brand is an intangible, perhaps nothing is as important to the success of a business in today's highly competitive and visually noisy environment as having a unique and memorable brand experience.Your brand is YOUR story

Branding .

Every brand is a story. Be innovative, Be creative, Lead.  There has been many articles I have been reading lately that are suggesting the design trend for packing and brands needs to a highly sophisticated, polished  and "boutique cosmetic style" visual brand approach.

While this may work for many brands who that is their voice, the caution is to not follow trends too carefully.  To build a brand image that "fits the norm" of the majority of products around it creates a world of grey noise and uninspiring and unmemorable brands. Innovation is the key, not looking like every other black suit and blue tie. The most obvious example is to look at the craft beer or wine industry. Visually sophisticated consumers, brand driven purchase choices and similar age and income demographic. Their purchase choice is largely made from visually connecting with clever, creative and unique branding and packaging... Now, Medicinal can be and is a different animal, but the numbers show that the majority of purchasers are not all +70 grandmas who are needing the simplest and most generic of brand experience. Chances are, the +50 Medicinal user smoked in their youth and still see the value in the purchase experience. Just my 2 cents

marketing .

"People say that print doesn't work anymore or billboards don't work anymore, but I think that's wrong. I think that it just depends on the niche that you're in."   With all the restriction in advertising and promoting your Cannabis business to the public, creative new methods and a return to traditional proven methods will be the course of action that wins. The answer is clearly about knowing your audience and how to speak to them in their space.



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