cannabis business & product branding

Why use a professional designer to create your logo and brand?

It's quite simple really, "good" is not good enough in today's crowded marketplace. A memorable brand is not just a logo. It is not just a couple of shapes, some letters and a favorite color. It is a well thought out and strategically crafted symbol of your unique business, product and personality.

XHALE's expertise in building memorable brands is proven in our portfolio. We craft a unique brand identity that you are proud to display and is yours alone.

Below is a sampling of our company branding design work for the cannabis industry.

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Open Imagination
Open Imagination
Open Imagination

To be remembered, you need a STRONG and highly DISTINCT voice. A brand that clearly communicates your vision and comp any culture. A brand that yours and yours alone - unique and memorable. A brand that is flexible and adaptable to a multitude of different applications that may include business stationary and business cards, your web site, social media, apparel, large outdoor advertising, print and digital marketing materials, trade show booths, vehicle graphics, product packaging and retail signage systems.

Off the shelf and $5 logos are an example of getting what you paid for. A bland variation of someone else's brand which can open you up to all kinds of legal issues. If your business is striving for success, XHALE Creative will help you stand up, stand out and shout.

Give us a call @ 1 (778) 770-1399 to chat about your specific project and how we can help you stand out from the herd...